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The Better Sex Deck

The Better Sex Deck


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This deck was designed to help you improve your intimacy and level up your sex life.

As an oracle deck, these cards can guide you towards a healthier and more open love life.

As a sexy game for couples, this deck guides you through building intimacy and desire and truly opening up to your partner.

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This deck has 69 enticing cards. The game and combination decks also include 6 wild cards.

When purchased as an oracle deck, each card features an enticing image, a meaningful title, and a simple description to help you read the outcome intuitively. No guidebook is included.

When purchased as a game, the card faces will look the same as the oracle deck, but there are 2 major differences.
- The card backs are separated into 6 phases to help you achieve a slow build in your sexual experience.
- The cards also have a number to guide you to a detailed page in the rule book.

The included rule book has information about each card including the rules for the game and suggestions for enhancing your experience.

The combined version has all of the above to allow you to use the deck as either an oracle deck or a couple's sex game.