What is your purpose?

My Philosophy

I don't care about labels. At the basic level, I just read people's energy. I am open to receiving guidance from the universe, and I want to share what I receive with those around me.

My purpose is to help other's elevate their souls to the highest level possible. I want to give everyone the tools to take their lives into their own hands.

Who am I?

Kira Nichols is the energy reader behind Kira's Tarot. She has been reading tarot cards for over 20 years.

Meet Kira

Tarot Philosophy

Sometimes it’s hard to admit the truth to ourselves. The cards, however, do not lie.

Intuitive Tarot

I prefer doing intuitive readings over a particular spread because it allows me to receive more information. By connecting to your energy, I can feel which decks have their messages. By not limiting myself to a certain spread, I'm able to get fuller, clearer messages.

I believe spreads help people learn how to read tarot and trust their own intuition. Once that knowledge is gained, I believe everyone should try to read more intuitevely.

I do not believe:

I don't believe in doing health or fertility readings. They can change so suddenly; it is important to listen to your health care providers.

I don't believe tarot should be used to tap into other people's energy without their consent.

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