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Kira's Tarot

The Love Deck

The Love Deck

Oracle cards to guide you in love

An oracle deck to explore your past, present & future relationships. This deck celebrates personal responsibility in relationships and will help you follow your intuition to a meaningful connection.


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    The Love Deck Flip Through

    What can this oracle deck answer?

    Use this deck to check your intuition on a relationship.
    - Are you paying attention to your true self? Or are you letting your heart lead?
    - Are you too focused on the wrong people?
    - What work do you need to do?
    - Is this person/relationship worth my energy?

    How to use this oracle deck

    We suggest using a single card reading for this oracle deck.

    With the deck in hand, meditate on your question for a minimum of 3 deep breaths.

    When you feel ready, shuffle the deck until something comes out or you feel called to stop shuffling and take the top card.

    We recommend waiting at least one week before consulting the deck with the same question.

    The Love Deck Details

    This oracle deck contains 33 beautifully designed cards.

    Each card has a title, a description, and a matching image. The card description is all you need to interpret your reading. No instruction booklet is included.

    The cards are standard tarot size at 2.75 x 4.75 inches and printed on premium quality card stock.

    They shuffle beautifully.

    When you get your new Oracle Deck

    Flip through the deck and take a moment to look at each card for a moment. What card makes you feel really good? What are you drawn to? What are you turned off by?

    The card you feel the most drawn to is your light card. The card you feel the most negative towards is your dark card. These light and dark cards tend to carry a little extra significance when they are drawn in a reading.

    Learn more about oracle decks
    • When you get it

      When you first get your oracle deck, it is important to cleanse it before use. It has passed through a lot of hands to get to you.

      Use palo santo, sunlight, moonlight, whatever feels right to you to reset your deck's energy.

    • Storing the deck

      Store the deck with something that removes energy. Black tourmaline, hematite, and smoky quartz are great options, but choose what feels right to you.

    • When Needed

      If you feel are getting conflicted messages from your oracle deck, it may be time to cleanse its energy again.

      Another option is to let the deck rest for a period of time and then knock on the deck to ensure your energy is instilled in the cards.