What do you need to hear?

Free online tarot reading

This free tarot card reading uses a single card draw from the major arcana to get a little bit of clarity into whatever is weighing on you today.

  • Is it personalized?

    You are choosing your card by being here exactly at this moment, clicking the button to begin at exactly this time, and choosing to shuffle the deck as many times as you want.

    Just like in a real tarot reading, your tarot deck is your own and the card you select is completely at random. You impart your energy into the reading by choosing to shuffle the deck or not and selecting any card you wish.

  • What can I ask?

    Use this free tarot reading to look into your own energy. Asking about someone else's energy can give readings that are skewed by something outside of your awareness.

    If your energy is aligned with someone, asking about your own energy will get the answers you are looking for.

About this free tarot reading

Tarot readings in general do not provide concrete answers to be taken without interpretation, and this free online tarot reading is no exception. After calming your mind and directing your focus towards the answer you seek, you will draw one of the major arcana cards.

Tarot Reading Do's

  1. Focus on a specific question or area.
  2. Meditate on your question before beginning. If you are unable to clear your mind or truly focus on the specific questions you are trying to answer, stop and come back later.
  3. Be open to the knowledge this tarot reading provides.

Tarot Reading Don'ts

  1. Don't look into someone else's energy. If your energies are aligned, asking about your own energy will get the answer you need. You never know the circumstances surrounding someone else's energy, so you may not be able to fully interpret the answer you receive.
  2. Don't try to get a yes or no answer. A tarot reading gives you the tools and insight to find your own meaning; it's not a magic fortune cookie.
  3. Don't repeat this tarot reading over and over with the same question trying to get the outcome you want. It's important to listen to what the tarot cards are telling you.
  • Calm your mind

    In order to get true spiritual introspection, you must be able to focus on the important questions at hand. Getting a tarot reading while your mind is wandering may not give clear answers.

  • Choose your question

    If you don't have a clear question in mind already, look at the reading categories and see what appeals to you. You can get a general reading by just selecting a category, but not asking a specific question.

  • Meditate

    Close your eyes. Focus on your breath for a few breaths. Think about what you want to learn from this tarot reading.

Let's get started!

Follow the instructions below to receive your free reading.

Select the focus for your reading

Choose your card

Take a moment to clear your mind and focus on what you want to know. Keep your question or topic in mind for at least 3 deep breaths.

When you are ready, click the shuffle button as many times as feels right. Then select your card.

Your tarot card's interpretation

This online tarot reading is not meant to be used over and over. Consider taking a break and meditating for clarity.

What next?

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