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Kira's Tarot

Summer School

Summer School

Tarot and Astrology 101

Over the next 12 weeks you will be learning all about tarot and astrology in a virtual classroom. This is your opportunity to have all of your questions answered. This is appropriate for people with limited information about both or at least one.


Major and minor

*Meanings for everything

*Astrology for each card

*Chakra alignment with each card

*Time with each card

*signs and symbols


How to read the cards together

*1 card

*3 card spreads

*Intuitive spread

* Celtic Cross 


What to ask cards/ what not to ask
* clear questions, get clearer answers. 


How to use oracle cards

*How to use with and without tarot

How to meditate with your cards

* How to use your cards as a tool for meditation

History of Tarot

How tarot go from a card game to a tool of divination.


The Basics

The houses

What each house means.


* The planets

The meaning of all the planets

* The Signs

The traits of the zodiac signs.

Every sign has a story, you’ll learn them all.

Zodiac signs/ Planets/ Houses

what does it mean that your a Capricorn sun in the 10th house?

we will go through all the positions and what they mean

planetary transits

we will go through all of them. 

how does mercury in retrograde effect you?

what planetary transits actually mean.


How to meditate.

How to use meditation to get out of other peoples energy.

How to use meditation to tap into your intuition.




we will meet every Monday and or Wednesday 7pm-9pm est. 

The dates are as follows 


10th, 12th

17th, 19th

24th, 26th




7th, 9th

14th, 16th

21st, 23rd

28th, 30th


6th (6pm-10pm or may add a second day based on everyone’s availability)

11th, 13th

18th, 20th

25th, 27th

*everyone will meet with Kira 1-1 once a month

*Class capped at 10 people


Early bird $1,500 sign up by 6/1/2023

On time bird $2,000 after 6/1/2023

Deposit $500 (holds the early bird pricing)

* Remainder can be paid before 7/1 or $500 due each month on the 1st

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