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Kira's Tarot

Natal Chart with tarot

Natal Chart with tarot

Did you know all tarot cards are tied to planet, a sign, or a placement (Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Aquarius etc) A unique way to look at your natal chart using tarot. 

I’ll use the major arcana to make your housing system, explain how this might give you more answers about your houses. Then I will add the card/cards (minor/ major) tied to the placements into the houses. Explaining how these energy allow you to know understand your world a little better!

if you’ve already had your natal chart done by me, email me, the cost will only be $22.22 for you.

This is a written reading!

These will go out in the order that they come in. Please keep in mind I don’t work Saturdays and Sundays. Each should take about 2-5 business days, once I have your birth info! 

*These will begin to go out 2/12/24

*Not all placements have cards. Will use the aces/pages( that have the energy of the signs and the major card tied to your planet)

email me any questions

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