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30 days of yoga

30 days of yoga

I’m going to be doing yoga everyday for the next 30 days, care to join me?

I suggest a lot of people do yoga in my readings. I know a lot of people aren’t sure where to start, or what kind of yoga to do. 

Over the next 30 days I’ll introduce you to a myriad (maybe a little less 😉) of different online free instructors. I might even be one of them 😏 depends if I’m injury free or not 😂 

Why yoga? The benefits go beyond the physical practice. Need to clear your energy? Go to yoga. Need to find the way again? Go to yoga. Can’t make a choice? Go to yoga. Yoga readies the body for meditation. 

With each yoga practice, I will write up a meditation practice to go with it. This will be a 20-60min commitment. There will be days you free physically exhausted, that’s okay, skip the yoga do the meditation. No matter what you’ll benefit. 

You’ll receive this email daily, with the exception of the weekend. You’ll get Friday, Saturday, and Sundays together. Ya girl no longer works weekends #recoveringworkaholic 

After you sign up you will receive a liability waiver. After signing you will start to receive your day yoga.

*Fridays you will receive all your weekend yoga. I’m no longer working on weekends.

We will begin on the 22nd of June!!

Prizes!!! We are using the honor system here.

Everyone who practices 25x-30x entered to win the reading of their choice with me.

Everyone who meditates for all 30 days entered to win a MYM or 30 mins reading from me. 

Everyone who practices at least 20 days of yoga and meditation entered to win a MYM reading with me.

Everyone who just buys is enter to win a written reading from me. Any except the yearly.



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