Tarot For Health: Why You Should Be Cautious

Tarot For Health: Why You Should Be Cautious

Tarot can be an amazing tool to check in with yourself and confirm any intuitions you have about the things going on in your life. While it may be tempting to pull out your tarot cards for a quick health reading, there are some factors involved that you should be aware of.

Circumstances affecting health change fast

Health issues are something to be taken extremely seriously. Our bodies are amazingly complicated and have so many moving parts; one tiny thing can throw off the whole kit and caboodle and cause your path to change in an instant.

If you get a health reading at noon tomorrow and nothing of significance shows up, that might be accurate at that time. It's entirely possible that at 1pm tomorrow, something might happen that causes your thyroid gland to start overworking itself.

Was your tarot reading accurate at the time it was given? YES. Did it give you the tools you need to protect your well being? NO.

Kira says:

As an energy and tarot reader, I won't give anyone a health reading. I feel like it's irresponsible because health changes so quickly, there's no guarantee that a reading I do now will still hold true in 5 minutes, let alone in the future.

Tarot readings are tied to your energy

Health tarot readings are particularly tricky because there are so many potential hidden illnesses and diseases. It's always possible to misinterpret a tarot card in a reading, especially when the energy a person has seems focused on something other than the issue at hand. It doesn't mean the reading was wrong, but it can be hard to find the right balance between what is coming up in the cards versus how a person's energy feels.

Tarot draws on your energy, so it's very important to start a health reading with a calm mind.If the cards are drawing from your energy, and you have no indicators that something is wrong, it is always possible that an issue might go unseen, especially if it is something currently small or that hasn't even come up yet.

How to do your own health tarot reading

Alright, you made it through all the warnings, and you're still interested in doing this, huh? I'll say it one more time just to be sure it's heard--see your doctor regularly, even if you have no known health problems.

Just like we do tarot readings to check in with our intuition, it's important to see a doctor to check in with our bodies. Having said that, there may be times when you have an inkling about something that you just want to double check.

Maybe you already have a doctor's appointment and need some confirmation while you wait. Maybe you know you have an issue but need some guidance figuring out what kind of medical professional to contact.

Whatever it is, this spread can help to give you a little bit of clarity so that you can better discuss the issues you are having with your doctor.

Health issues should always be discussed with your doctor. 

Health tarot spread to check in with your body

We at Kira's Tarot are big proponents of 3-card spreads. They are simple enough to interpret--even for newer tarot readers--yet they still offer enough information to give guidance in most situations.

Here's how to do this 3-card health tarot reading for yourself:

  1. Always start tarot readings by holding your cards in your hands and focusing on your breath while you think of the situation at hand. Open yourself up to receiving the information you need to hear. Don't rush this step; you need to make sure your current energy is imparted onto the deck.

  2. When you feel calm and focused, start shuffling your cards. If cards fall out, take them in the order they came. If 3 come out, you are done. If more than 3 come out, just take the first 3. If nothing comes out, stop shuffling when you feel you have done enough, and take the top three cards.

  3. Lay your three cards out in front of you and take a moment to just absorb what came out before you start interpreting right away.

  4. Once you're ready, here's how to read your 3 cards:

    1. The first card speaks to the origin of whatever condition might be present. What in your life is causing or worsening the problem? This card can also represent what your outcome might be if you don't change your path at all.

    2. The central card is for the condition itself. What area of the body may be having an issue? What symptoms might you be noticing?

    3. The last card should give you some guidance on what action to take to remedy the situation. If you already have a doctor appointment scheduled, it might guide what you discuss. If you haven't scheduled an appointment yet, it might help you decide which doctor to see. If the condition is something you already know about and have consulted with a doctor about, this card might give you some insight on areas of healing you should focus on. Maybe you need to do yoga focusing on a specific chakra or maybe it's time to share your condition with loved ones.

  5. Every tarot reading should be followed up with meditation. Take time to incorporate the information you received into your energy. Reconcile your present self with this new information and find the right path forward for yourself.

Tarot cards meanings for health problems

Some tarot cards have particular significance in the context of a health tarot reading.

All of the body part correlations for the major arcana cards come from Aleister Crowley's book 777; it's a little archaic and seems to have some overlap, but may have some relevance. Let me know in the comments if they seem accurate in your readings.

The Fool Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Fool

Respiratory Organs

Unexpected health events including illnesses or diseases that are out of your control. Health problems as a result of risky behavior or acting without regard for consequences.

The Magician Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Magician

Cerebral and Nervous Systems

This card can represent an over-active mind. Mental tension might be the cause of the problem. You may be doing too much overthinking or multitasking. It can also represent finding the right medical specialist for your problem: finding the right person to talk to can help with your mental state.

The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

The High Priestess

Lymphatic System

You already know the cause of your problem, but you may not have accepted it yet. Focus on rest and self-reflection. Listen to your inner voice and trust your body. For people who menstruate, this card may point to a problem with your cycle.

The Empress Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Empress

Genital System

Problems with weight, like eating disorders or obesity. A potential pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease; take extra care with contraceptives or protective measures. Take the time to nurture yourself.

The Emperor Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Emperor

Head and Face

Muscle tension, work-induced stress or blood pressure problems. Generally stable health; if everything is good, it is unlikely to change, but if there is a problem, it will take a lot of work to overcome it. It is very important to follow professional advice.

The Hierophant Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Hierophant

Shoulders and Arms

Listen to your doctor and follow their advice; this card points to an answer in traditional medicine. It may represent a lack of emotional support or inadequate medical advice. On the plus side, this card is associated with a strong immune system.

The Lovers Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Lovers


Health is likely good or a speedy recovery is expected. May refer to an illness of a body system that comes in pairs: eye problems, lung or kidney problems, problems with ears, arms, legs, etc. Can also denote a division of the mind including problems with identity.

The Chariot Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Chariot


Potential digestive problems including food poisoning or food allergies. This card may also point to physical problems caused by overworking yourself.

Strength Tarot Card Health Meaning



This card generally suggests good health and general well being. Consider taking on a more fitness-focused routine. On a mental level, this card deals with vitality and motivation to improve. If a condition is present, it is likely heart-related or close to the heart like the ribs or spine.

The Hermit Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Hermit

The Back

Health conditions related to fatigue or feeling drained. Physical symptoms can include back or neck pain. Take time to rest and meditate.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune

Digestive System

Potential for sudden changes, both good or bad. Your path towards health may have ups and downs.

Justice Tarot Card Health Meaning



Organs in the core of the body: liver, kidneys, ovaries, etc. The answer lies in balance. Don't overdo it. Find balance between rest and working to be better.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Hanged Man

Organs of Nutrition

There may be an issue with drugs of any kind. This includes over-medicating or under-medicating a condition. Breaking down of systems is likely; this may manifest as anything from low self-esteem to malnutrition to mental illnesses. This is a generally negative card regarding health; don't delay getting help.

Death Tarot Card Health Meaning



Likely a health problem that needs attention quickly, but don't panic. This card can signify fear of illness as much as illness itself. Look at improving your health habits, consider adding supplements, and see your doctor.

Temperance Tarot Card Health Meaning


Hips and Thighs

Healing and recovery; the key is in moderation. It can also point to an intense illness like a sudden fever or a burn.

The Devil Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Devil

Genital System

A lot of standard illnesses may be pointed to here: colds, old age, broken bones, etc. Beware non-medical professionals trying to steer you the wrong way. There is no such thing as a fast cure. Remain mindful of your health and follow the right advice.

The Tower Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Tower

Muscular System

Sudden onset of heath troubles: fever, swelling, accidents, strokes. Take care and go slow.

The Star Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Star

Kidneys, Bladder, etc.

Usually positive, this card is about recovery. It can also imply pregnancy-related things or skin problems.

The Moon Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Moon

Legs and Feet

Be aware of possibly hidden illnesses. Can signify problems in the lymphatic system that may cause swelling. Get a second opinion as the real cause of an illness may be illusive.

The Sun Tarot Card Health Meaning

The Sun

Circulatory System

May be a literal problem with the sun: exposure, sunburn, or fever. Could also indicate eye problems, high blood pressure, or heart conditions. Stay hydrated.

Judgement Tarot Card Health Meaning


Organs of Circulation

Usually suggests a fast recovery. Changing your lifestyle may help you feel restored, younger than your age, and refreshed. You are responsible for your own health.

The World Tarot Card Health Meaning

The World

Excretory Systems

It's important to find the right balance between mind, body, and spirit. Address issues of aging, stress, or sadness by taking time for yourself and meditating.

Get the help you need

See your doctor regularly

If you are concerned enough about health issues that you are looking for a health tarot reading, you should see your doctor no matter what. Health problems including high blood pressure, pain, eating disorders, hormonal imbalances, infections, addictions, insomnia, allergies, exhaustion, weight gain, and any other myriad of health matters are no joke.

Don't ignore symptoms of potential health problems based on the outcome of a health tarot reading. You well being is far too important to leave it at the mercy of a tarot card.

Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle, have low stress, exercise, etc., always get--AND LISTEN TO--medical professional advice.


SAMHSA | https://www.samhsa.gov/

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is a U.S. Department of Health agency whose mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America's communities.

They run two important free health hotlines for people suffering from depression or other mental health disorders or substance abuse.

National Helpline 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

If you aren't ready to call, go to their website to find more information on how to find help in your area.

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