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Kira's Tarot

Manifest your magic

Manifest your magic


Who is this for?

Anyone whose needs a bit of help getting on track. Your birth charts shows us who you are at your core. Tarot helps us see where we currently are and how we can get to our best selves. Meditation allows to unlock our power. Yoga clears the stuck energy. Journaling helps us focus and be honest with ourselves. I hope to help people find there way back to themselves.

Whats included

* Astrology
I go through your birth chart with you. Depending on what you’re going though, we look at the current transits and see how we can work with the stars to move forward.

* Tarot

I use tarot to see where you need to focus your attention, so you can go to the 

*Meditation/ Journal/ Yoga

Based on what we see, I come up with a 30 plan for you. It’s not all at once. I check in (email) with you every few days to make sure everything’s working and to answer any questions.

- I used YouTube videos for some of the yoga and meditations. I will make personalize ones if needed. Not all mediations will be guided. Most will be independent. I will teach you how to meditate.


*Zoom call

We will have one zoom call going through your astrology and tarot reading. Then i come up with a meditation/Journal/Yoga plan for you. Then we meet again after 30 days to see where you are.

*I am a certified 200 ERYT yoga teacher.


You will be contacted after May 15th to set up your meeting. Your thirty days starts the day after the zoom meeting.



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