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Taking tower moments and using them to make you rise higher. We are going to take 90 days to get you to your best self. I’ve learned over the past few years people love a 30 day challenge. Yet I often have them coming back for another challenge after they’ve fallen off the habit they were trying to build or needed another kick in the ass to get back on track.  So now we have 90 days together. Unlike the past challenges where you didn’t know anyone, this challenge has weekly live zooms on top of the weekly emails to create more of the community feeling. So how do we get to the best version of ourselves? It’s combination plate of chakra cleansing, meditation, yoga, journaling, tarot, and astrology.

We will start on the full moon with a full moon ceremony on July 3rd.

You will get weekly emails breaking down everything you will be doing for that week. Followed by a weekly zoom meeting to connect with everyone. If you’d prefer to do this independently, you never have to join the zoom. All zooms will be recorded so you can acres the info after!

The first 7 weeks we work though the chakra system. You will find out where your energy is stuck by doing meditation, yoga, and journaling for each chakra. Diggin deep to get to the root of the issue. 

Energy stuck in the chakras can keep you stuck. So let’s get that energy moving, through yoga, meditation, and breath work. Keep that energy moving through journaling and meditation. 

After that we will spend the next 3 weeks working how to use tarot and astrology for healing. Looking into the north node to see where we need to go. Using tarot/oracle cards to see how to get there

*this part is slightly more individualized. As not everyone has the same north node. However, if you have the same as someone else in the group, you will be give the same tarot/oracle advice.

This will be a small group between,  15-25 people.

weekly emails breaking down all the meditation, yoga, tarot, astrology, and journaling.

Weekly Zoom, this will rotate based on everyone’s availability!

starts July 3rd durning the full moon in Capricorn!! Ends the week of  September 24th with a full moon ceremony on September 29th!!

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